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What’s So Great About Pennsylvania?

In This Episode We Discuss All The Great Things To See & Do In Our Home State Of Pennsylvania, Giving Our Listeners A Little Inside To Our Lifestyle And Why We Love PA.


Law Of Attraction

In This Episode We Discuss The Law Of Attraction And How To Put It To Work For You In Your Life To Manifest Anything & Everything That You Desire.


Inner Workings Of Relationships

In This Episode We Take A Look At Friendships, Life Long Friendships,Acquaintances & Friendships Of The Past And How They Effect Your Day To Day Life & Health.


Christmas Special

In This Episode We Share Our Favorite Christmas Memories, Traditions, And Christmas Gifts We Got As Children.  This Episode Is A Very Family Friendly Episode That Can Be Shared With People Of All Ages


Medical Marijuana

In This Episode We Discuss Both Sides, The Good & The Bad Of Medical Marijuana....Enjoy


Mandela Effect

This Is Our Very First Podcast.  We Give A Background Into Our Lives And We Discuss The In's & Out's Of The Mandela Effect. Hope You All Enjoy This Episode As Much As We Enjoyed Making It!